Breathing Exercies

New app to help you with breathing exercises.

Deep breathing exercises are a proven relaxation technique for stress reduction.

Breathing Exercises App

Breathing Exercises App

Welcome to Breathing Exercise application designed to help you control anxiety, reduce stress and reach deep relaxation.

You will see a graph on your screen that illustrates your inhale-exhale breathing rhythm. Follow the white-orange dot and inhale while the dot goes up and exhale when the dot slides down. If you feel dizziness while exercising or you have any containdication for breathing exercises, please stop using the application.

The Breathing Exercise app has 3 difficulty levels built in:
Beginner – the dot showing breathing pattern is visible all the time,
Intermediate – the dot disappears at short time intervals, so you need to guess by yourself when to inhale and exhale with a constant rhythm,
Expert – the dot appears very occasionally. This is the most difficult level for advanced users.

The aim of the game is to achieve relaxation and anxiety reduction through slowing down and harmonizing your breath.

You can modify various settings of breathing exercises:

Turn on and off Music and helpful Sound Effects.
Adjust breathing speed (breaths per minute – bpm).

To help you with your motivation application reports how many times you execised. (You can reset counter in settings)

For best results, practice 1-2 games 5 times a week, mornings and evenings.

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